Dark Matter

Darko Mathers lives on

While Darko’s death has been sad for many, disappointing for others, for some it’s been a call for a continuation of his anti-social, anti-civilisation, anarchist-nihilist and individualist writings and publications, which include the well-known releases: Anarchy: Civil or Subversive?” and August 2011 Revolt: Anarchy in the UK”.

Since then, 325  presented a new zine on behalf of Dark Matter Publications in February 2014, called “Gross Misconduct and the Guerilla Massive : Poems and Lunacy from Bristol”. By printing this, they give a shout echoing to Darko Mathers, continuing the DMP project.

Then in June 2014, the second release attributed to his memory Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH), Blackmail 3 and The SHAC Model from Person(s) unknown, dedicating the section on the MFAH communiques to his nihilistic anti-civil genius.

By November 2014, the third DMP publication was ready for distribution Since the Bristol Riots – Communiques from the FAI, ELF and other attacks“, again surfacing from anonymous individuals under the banner Person(s) Unknown Publications. This was inspired by the earlier DMP release of August 2011 Revolt, and intended as a follow up.

Dark Matter Publications

In memory of Darko Mathers…a lost comrade…

Darko Mathers has passed away